The Secure
Meeting Room

Keep a digital door open for clients when physical ones must shut

In less than 48 hours, the Unblu Express package provides you a secure online meeting room where you can engage and collaborate with clients and have meaningful conversation that closes business.

Why Unblu? Because delivering advice digitally is more than just a video meeting. It is about guiding and collaborating with a client to a desired outcome, just like an in-person meeting.



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Beyond Video & Screen Sharing

Close Business

Emulate in-person meetings by reviewing portfolios together, research investments together, and guide through complex documentation and forms.

No Download

Downloading software is an inefficient and unnecessary step. Risk and complexity is introduced, which jepardizes an otherwise positive experience.

Security & Compliance

Unblu has passed rigorous security reviews and penetration tests at many leading global banks and financial services institutions.

More than 150 successful implementations in the financial industry

Unblu’s Conversational Platform empowers financial institutions to make every digital conversation meaningful and profitable. Through features like video chat, messaging, and co-browsing, advisors can meet and collaborate with clients online, customer service can visually support customers with targeted and efficient support, and prospects can be engaged and guided through a seamless experience to purchase.

With + 150 implementations in the financial industry worldwide, institutions such as UBS, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, and AON are using Unblu’s platform to deliver the conversational experience online.